Photo Inspiration

Tutorial: Skin Retouching Using Photoshop

Great tutorial on Skin Retouching using Photoshop! The process is very simple but makes drastic changes using layering. Thank you, YouTube member Sarakiesling for this great tutorial!
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Tutorial: Hollywood Orange and Teal Effect in Lightroom

There has been some slag against using this effect in film and photographs since the ever so popular Michael Bay “Transformers” saga came out.  However, if you are looking to experiment, here are some quick and easy steps using Lightroom to achieve that. 5 Quick Steps to achieve Hollywood Orange and Teal Effect: Adjust exposure & temperature. Add blacks, contrast, clarity & vibrance. Reduce noise
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London and NYC Photographer Barbara Anastacio

London and NYC based Photographer Barbara Anastacio, deemed by Complex Magazine to be a ‘legend before she’s thirty,’ has had several impressive notches on her belt in her career thus far.  Her colorful and eye-catching high end photography has been featured in Vogue, BULLETT, and T Magazine as well as ad work for Versace, Burberry, and Prada to name a few. Here are some of Anastacio’s most re
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Inspiration of The Day : Les Visages Des Puces (The Faces of Fleas)

    Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, otherwise known as (The Fleas) is one of of the most famous flea markets in Paris, and also the location of portrait Andrew Kovalev’s latest project entitled “Les Visages Des Puces” (The Faces of Fleas). Fascinated by the diverse array of shopkeepers, he set out to take portraits of them, in their shops, one merchant at a time. Kovalev says “Even the most chaoticall
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Icons – Helmut Newton

Probably the most imitated and controversial fashion photographer of his time, Helmut Newton his known for his erotic and provocative  images, that are like moments spied through a peephole. Inspired by film noir, expressionist cinema and surrealism he always liked to work with less known models, usually asking them to have  an insolent and provocative attitude. Check this selection of some of his best works we made
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Beyonce on Vogue’s March 2013 by Patrick Demarchelier

Beyonce is back on the cover of Vogue for the second time. the 31 years old Grammy Award winner, in glamorous and unpredictable runway looks, talks about her new life as a mom and the upcoming HBO documentary. Take a look at these amazing pictures shot by Patrick Demarchelier and the backstage video!    
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Icons: Bert Stern

Bert Stern is an american photographer who has a massive influence on contemporary portraiture and commercial photography. As a young man, while working for Look Magazine he met Stanley Kubrick with whom he shared an interest in beautiful women and photography. But it was while working at Myfair Magazine that he bought his first camera and learned to develop film. He began in the advertising field and his career was
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Icons: Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon is undoubtedly one of the leading photographers of the century. Famous for his minimalism, Avedon’s photographs are often well lit and in front of a white backdrop with no props or other details to distract from the subject. He made fashion exciting and strong, anticipating many of the trends that have occurred between fine art, fashion, advertising and pop culture. Fashion wasn’t his only
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Icons: Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin is certainly one of the most important photographer in the history of fashion photography, recognizable by his seductive, provocative and at times violent style. Undoubtedly he has been the first to bring a real narrative to the world of fashion photography. Today we can still see how Bourdin’s works has had a lasting influence on the current generation of fashion photographers.      
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