Pro B4 Gets the Job Done in a Flash

Pro B4 1000 Air – the latest battery generator released by Profoto is getting photographers excited. The battery flash is a revolution in location and action photography due to its high speed performance and extremely short flash durations. We thought we’d share with you its most impressive features:

1. Freeze motion at 1/25,000 of a second
2. Fire up to 30 flashes per second
3. Fully recharged and ready to go in just 45 minutes
4. Connect it to a mains outlet and use it as a studio generator
5. Huge 11 f-stop power range 6. Unrivalled stability in power output and color temperature
7. Control the shoot from the palm of your hand with the integrated Air system
8. Style your light to perfection with the Light Shaping Tools
To see this amazing piece of technology in action check out this video – it will surely excite you too!

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