Not Your Average Softbox

Released in November last year, Profoto’s RFI Softbox range may just be a photographer’s best friend. The RFI line includes several different shapes and sizes and some very useful new features. Swedish photographer Tobias Björkgren put the new softboxes to the test at his Stockholm studio.

“The images were shot using just the soft boxes…I wanted to see what the softboxes could do by themselves. I also wanted to play around a little and avoid the most obvious solutions For instance, the images where the model is wearing a black dress were shot using just the RFI 1×6′ with the Stripmask attached. I wanted an evenly lit image with distinct and interesting shadows, and I think the RFI 1×6′ was a great help in achieving that result. The fact that you can not only slide the softbox back and forth on the head but also turn it 360° is extremely useful. Add the possibility of using the light fall-off and the optional accessories, and you have a wide range of alternatives with just a single softbox!”

“I also did a couple of close-up shots with the same set-up. If you take a closer look at the catch light in her eyes, you can actually see the RFI 1×6′. I think it’s an interesting catch light. It looks a little bit like a cat’s eye, but not so much that it seems silly” Tobias Björkgren Via: Profoto.com




































images courtesy of Tobias Björkgren and Profoto http://www.profoto.com
















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