Agreement Cost Of Flat

Yes, you read it right! You can reduce stamp duty and registration on your contract to one of three types: Hello. I bought an apartment in Mumbai 3 years ago with stamp duty. So I have to pay property taxes every year, and I too am a buyer, not a tenant. Please guess, because every year I pay $30,000 to society as a property tax. Property tax application The difference between the 2011 contract value and the 2013 registration value at final billing rates. What is the impact of profit or loss on buyers` tax debt? I had bought an apartment in 1987 that the timer right was not there.should i pay stamp duty now? Company say I have to pay stamp duty. Already I have registered a copy of the agreement of the cash register, so why should I pay the stamp duty now pl response. Thanks to Edward I booked an apartment in Mumbai about 1 year back to a developer whose building is under construction and must be 18 storeys, but it only got to the sixth disc and I only have a letter of award, when can I pay stamp duty and registration fees. I plan to buy apartment and the owner said I have to pay the registration amount Rs. 3.5 Lakh and flat fee up to 24.5 Lakh. 28 lakh in total.

Thus, I can get loans up to 25.2 Lakh if the total cost of 28 Lakh or bank will calculate only 90% of the loan amount on 24.5 Lakh??? Please help in Mumbai, India, if I go for the purchase of the apartment, then each broker/seller talks about “flat cost” and “value agreement”. I don`t know what the difference is between them. Homebuyers must organize stamp duty and registration fees on their own resources, as banks do not take these expenses into account when assessing the cost of the property. Thus, banks lend only 80% of the value of real estate. In addition, banks use their own methods to assess real estate. This means that if a property is sold for Rs 1 Kern, the bank cannot lend 80 Lakhs or 80% of the money if it finds in its valuation that the property is valued at only 90 Lakhs. In this case, it will issue 80% of the 90-Rus, i.e. 72-Rs.- as real estate credit. In this case, it is the buyer`s responsibility to arrange the balance at the same time as stamp duty and registration fees.

This means that even if the buyer in Delhi has to spend almost Rs 1.06 Crores as a total price to buy and save a house worth Rs 1 crore, the bank will only grant him Rs 72 Lakhs as a loan. I am an apartment buyer.