Bullet Train Loan Agreement

And now on the technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness of driving a ball train over a distance of 507 km ahmedabad/Mumbai. This is Japan`s second export (in 53 years) of Shinkansen technology to Taiwan, where it has not been successful. Japan has no technology transferred to Taiwan. Of course, Japan wants to continuously monitor line maintenance and other operational requirements to ensure its accident-free balance sheet and punctuality. It is therefore unlikely that Japan will transfer the technology to India. An IIM study, Ahmedabad, showed that 100 daily journeys between Ahmedabad and Mumbai would be needed to make the ball train profitable financially. Approximately 35 trips are planned according to the data. Details of the projects are available below. (1) Mumbai Construction Project – Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (II) a) Objective and summary The project will build a new high-speed train using the Japanese Shinkansen system at an interval of approximately 500 kilometres (12 stations) between Mumbai, Maharashtra State, and Ahmedabad, Gujarat State. The new rail will allow transport between Mumbai, India`s second largest city, and Ahmedabad, the fifth largest commercial and industrial city, in about two hours, a third of the time required with a conventional and limited high-speed train. The aim of the project is to reduce transport pollution, strengthen transport links and promote regional economic development in the target area by setting up a mass transport system offering frequent services. b) Excuting Agency National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited Address: 2nd Floor, Asia Bhawan, Road No.

205, Sector 9, Dwarka, New Delhi, 110077, India Phone: `91-11-2373-4540, Fax: `91-11-2373-4542 (c) Plan for planned implementation 1st phase of the project: December 2023 – when the facilities will be put into service 2nd issue of invitation letters for consulting services (including building inspection): currently being recruited 3rd tender for the first international tender for the construction of projects: title of the purchase package: Construction of the BRIDGE PSC No. GAD 10 on the National Highway (NH-48) at MAHSR Km 235.379, Navsary District, Gujarat for Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project Date: June 2018 (announced) 4. JICA Contact Information For more information on the acquisition schedule, please contact the party below. JICA India: 16th Floor, Hindustan Times Building, K.G. Marg New Delhi, 110001, India Phone: `91-11-4909-7000, Fax: `91-11-4909-7001/7002/7003/7 0 04 (2) Project to renovate and modernize the Umiam-Umiam-Umiam-Umtru Stage III (a) Objective and summary Objective and summary Objective and summary The project aims to contribute to industrial development and improving living standards in Meghalaya State by renovating the Umiam-Umtru Stage-III hydroelectric power plant (two turbines with a capacity of 30 megawatts each) and improving living standards in Meghalaya State.