Diplomatic Clause Rental Agreement Luxembourg

While the standard rental period is usually about 1 year in the UK, for example, you need to plan a little further in Luxembourg. Most homes are rented on a 2 or 3 year lease, with a renewal notice issued 3 months before the first rental period expires. Many leases contain a clause in which, as a tenant, you declare that the property was in good condition when you moved in. By signing a lease agreement with this clause, you essentially waive your right to address problems all the way if you move, regardless of the evidence you have provided. In addition, if no inventory is established, the law provides that the property was in good condition when the tenant moved in. In other words, you want to make sure that all problems are recorded in a rental inventory. To access the rental properties available in Luxembourg, it is best to go to a real estate agency or to check with a moving agency. We introduced you to Luxembourg and covered workplaces, health care and languages – if you`ve read all our guides so far, you`re actually an expatriate in your own right! Now, just find yourself somewhere to live, or at least get ready for the realities of renting a house in Luxembourg. The duchy may be grand, but also the rental prices and costs associated with moving to a new place – so it`s not a bad idea to know what they`re getting into before jumping. If you don`t want to stay somewhere that long, the duration of the tenancy is negotiable – but you will see that trying to agree on a shorter tenancy agreement will limit your possibilities, because of course the owners prefer longer leases and there is no shortage of potential tenants in Luxembourg. Agency fees for rental The inventory of furniture is usually included in the agency fees covered by the tenant. It is necessary to calculate the equivalent of one month`s rent (even more in some agencies) to which it is advisable to add the current VAT.

These rent-related costs are added to the deposit requested by the landlord (maximum 3 months – to be negotiated). Have you just arrived in Luxembourg as an expatriate and would like to rent accommodation? Just Arrived accompanies you in your initiative, whether you are a tenant or owner who wants to rent your property.