Release Agreement Traduccion

A translation of a non-responsibility form (renouncement): I issue a legal access voucher for a local school system. There is a ton of legal terminology. The form itself is entitled: Assumption of Risk and Release Agreement. I translated it as: Suposicion de Riesgo y Acuerdo de Liberacion. Is that technically enough? Should I use Condonar instead? Would it be nice to say Condonacion? I have a legal license for a local school system. . There are many online in Spanish. I would check a few to read the appropriate vocabulary to meet your needs. Expresions cortas frecuentes: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, I thought condonacion was rather a “forgiveness” of a debt, payment, fines, etc. not a withdrawal or deferral of liability. Score: 180. Exaktos: 180. Tiempo de respuesta: 174 ms.

Is it a release form? Is it a document that releases school-type commitments related to what the parent gives to the child or school? Permission for what? For the child to go on an excursion? To receive medical care? To do extracurricular sports? Authorization for the school of……