Usc Articulation Agreement Major

Music students can also enrol in transferable ensemble courses, but the number of units a student can transfer to USC for set credits is limited to 4 units. These sets can meet the actual requirements of the set for bachelor`s degrees, but it depends on the major. Macroeconomics or microeconomics are required courses in the music major industry at the USC Thornton School. If courses can be transferred to USC in accordance with the appropriate articulation agreement in order to obtain credits in ECON 203 or ECON 205, it may be interesting for students to complete these courses prior to the transfer. Interactive Planning Guide This online resource helps you determine which licensing courses at other institutions are in USC`s general education courses and the courses required for all majors under the division. Access the interactive planning guide. In the meantime, we recommend that new Spring Admits use our Find Your Counselor tool to identify the admissions counsellor for the institution you want to take transfer courses from. Your advisor can help you understand how the transfer process works in general and has access to the articulation history of all the courses we have accepted in the past by your transfer institution. You`ll also know what kind of credit we`ve given for certain types of frequently transferred classes, and can make some educated assumptions about what you probably (or won`t) get in The Transfer. Your advisor should be a good resource for you when it comes to predicting your transfer balance for completed courses and choosing courses for the summer or fall before you start.

Foreign Language (Jazz Voice, B.A. ONLY): A bachelor`s degree in music at Thornton School requires a foreign language that can be taken by transferable courses at another institution. Joint agreements should be consulted in order to obtain information on the portability of certain courses. It is also important to note that students may be required to take certain required courses before entering transferable courses at another university. In many cases. B a first-year foreign language course at USC may correspond to a graduate course in the same language at another university. The University of Southern California is one of the world`s leading private research universities. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, USC offers first-class programs in virtually every field with more than 150 bachelor majors to choose from. Typically, it takes 3 years or more for a transfer student to graduate in music at Thornton School. The actual time a student needs to meet all the requirements for his or her main subject at Thornton School after moving from another institution to USC is influenced by three main factors: in addition, if you complete most of your general education requirements before the transfer, you will have more time to attend a dual elementary school , a combination of minor major or unit major.

while you`re registered with USC. Stories of joints with local four-year colleges Although USC does not maintain formal articulation agreements with four-year colleges, this resource will help you determine which courses have been accepted for transfer in the past. Look at the artichokes. Below is a two-semester calendar for performance students attending California community colleges. It is important to consult appropriate articulation agreements to determine the portability of certain courses. Enrollment in these courses should not be interpreted as a means of guaranteeing admission. Additional Major Course Jobs (PDF) Find the lower service, introductory courses that may be recommended or necessary for your intended main part.