Agreement Mff

“Today`s agreement will strengthen specific programmes within the framework of the 2021-2027 long-term budget (including Horizon Europe, Erasmus, EU4Health),” said EU Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn. At the same time, negotiations are to be held on the 2021 annual budget. The 21-day conciliation period runs from November 17 to December 7 of this year. At this time of the session of the European Parliament and the Council, a final agreement must be reached. The European Parliament and EU Member States have reached historic agreement in the Council on the next long-term budget and nextGenerationEU, the temporary recovery instrument. Negotiators agreed on the next multi-year financial framework (MFF 2021-2027) and new own resources. The compromise must be approved by the European Parliament and the Council. President Ursula von der Leyen said: “We must now move the agreement on the next long-term budget and nextGenerationEU forward by the end of the year. Assistance is needed for citizens and businesses hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. Our recovery plan will help us turn the pandemic challenge into a recovery opportunity guided by the green and digital transition. On 16 November, representatives of Hungary and Poland refused to approve the informal agreement reached last week under the rule of law mechanism. Subsequently, Slovenia joined them in this opposition.

The Council of the European Union debated the issue on 17 November, followed by a political debate at the European Council video conference on 19 November. Following a bilateral meeting on 26 November, Hungary and Poland agreed to maintain their position and called for changes to the rule of law mechanism. It`s a good deal. It`s a very strong case. And above all, it is the right deal for Europe right now. This agreement sends a concrete signal that the EU is a power of action. On this basis, the European Council will hold an exchange of views in October 2019 with a view to reaching an agreement on the EU`s long-term budget before the end of the year. After lengthy negotiations, the Council and the European Parliament reached a political agreement this afternoon on the next Multi-Year Financial Framework (MFF) and the recovery plan. It complements the overall financial package of 1.824.3 billion euros negotiated by the Council in July, which combines the MFF (1.074.3 billion euros) and the eu`s next generation (750 billion euros). On 29 July, a telephone call was made between the President of the European Commission, the President of the European Parliament and the President of the Turning President of the Council.

The aim was to prepare the next steps for the adoption of the recovery plan for Europe, namely inter-institutional negotiations on the basis of the political agreement of the European Council and the resolution subsequently adopted by Parliament. The first trilogue meeting was held on 27 August, followed by a second meeting on 7 September. The third round took place on September 11. Conditions for respecting the rule of law have become one of the main themes of these negotiations. EarTO welcomes this political agreement, not least because it has drawn attention to the R and D and I, including Horizon Europe and EU4Health, and look forward to launching the programmes in due course.