Ally Dealer Agreement

To help merchants maximize leasing-end prospects, we offer a wide range of products and services that you can use to exchange information, encourage your dealer and do repetitive activities. If you activate or accept a chat interaction on our website, we will try to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on your issue. Nothing Ally communicates in a chat session is considered a legally binding representation, guarantee or other agreement regarding everything discussed in such a chat, including Ally`s products, services, policies, processes, decisions or response times. We have a wide variety of products to cover the credit needs of dealers, including: Only employees of licensed car dealerships who have an existing business relationship with Ally can register and use a website. Your customers and suppliers are not allowed to use websites. What kind of basic planning does it offer Ally Rv dealers? If I want to offer Ally RV financial products in my dealer, what`s the next step? Please contact your Ally representative or our RV support team at 1-800-814-8842, Monday – Friday, 10am-8pm ET, or email us at rvfinancing@ally.com. By registering on a website, you agree that you are entitled to accept these conditions on behalf of the dealer you work for. Starting 180 days before leases expire, we send tenants a large number of reminders, return advice and other related communications. Our efforts complement your ability to use these customers with materials and offers to put them back on your lot. To start, visit allyvehiclereturnmanager.com and sign up for access.

After receiving the welcome email with your user ID and password (which can last up to 48 hours), you can connect to the desktop tool and mobile app – available for free in the App Store on your mobile device. To help customers avoid surprises at the end of leasing at your dealer, we offer: Ally Dealer Rewards is a loyalty program that encourages legitimate merchants to sell or use qualified Ally products and services. How will Ally Academy courses benefit my dealer? We offer new and used plan financings for motorhome sellers and offer competitive prices and conditions tailored to the individual needs of dealers. Among the benefits of planning with Ally are: call your representative or send an email to DealerProgram@ally.com. From time to time, Ally can provide you with information about our domestic purchases and leased customers. You only receive this information if it is necessary to process a transaction requested by the customer or if this information is used for joint marketing activities, as is permitted as part of a joint marketing agreement between your dealer and your ally. Any other use of this information is prohibited unless Ally agrees in writing. Our Self-Service Ally Vehicle Return Manager tool can help you enjoy a quick and simple process, whichever option you and your customer choose. Check out our self-registration process guide (PDF 2 MB) and go allyvehiclereturnmanager.com to sign up for access or contact your Ally Account Executive for details.

The terms of use for Ally Dealer Services and Ally Vehicle Return Manager, amended (“Conditions”), apply to all allydealer.com and allyvehiclereturnmanager.com users (a “website” each) owned by Ally Financial Inc. and operated by Ally Financial Inc.