Car Rental Agreement Malaysia

My rent has a mileage allowance. I drove more than the allowance, how much will I pay for the excess kilometer 1? TIP PRICE are for a minimum of 24 hours of rental. Overtime is calculated per hour. The price includes unlimited mileage and maintenance. Unless it is an agreed hourly rent and/or a driver`s hire and/or other specified rent. Yes, for some rental points, you can pick up the vehicle and all optional extras in one rental location and return it to another. However, this should only be done within Malaysia and fees may be charged. Yes, you can buy a power bank for RM108 subject to a 6% service fee, but it is only available in certain rental locations. You must request this during the booking process. (i) RENTAL EXTENSION If the tenant wishes to extend the rental period and/or appoint other licensed operators, it is mandatory to advise the owner and/or representatives of the owner of BORNEO EXPRESS RENT A CAR AND TOURS SDN. Bhd. immediately to facilitate the extension of insurance coverage. 2.

VEHICLE REPAIRS / WARRANTY DISCLAIMER The rental vehicle (hereafter referred to as “the vehicle”) is the property of the owner. This agreement is only a contract for the use of the vehicle. While the vehicle is for rent to the tenant. The tenant is not the landlord`s representative for any purpose, in any capacity or assurance, therefore, any service or replacement of a part or accessory in the vehicle must have the prior consent of the owner during the rental period. The tenant acquires no right other than the right to use the vehicle in accordance with the rental agreement. THE OWNER DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY GUARANTEE, IN ANY FORM OR DESCRIPTION, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED AS TO THE MARKETABILITY OF A VEHICLE COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT. The tenant does not make a claim against the owner because of the breakdown or accident of the vehicle and frees the owner from any damage that the owner must pay as a result of these claims. Rental prices are charged 24 hours. If the rent is due at the time of return in overtime, a proportional tax is charged.

In case of return after the 5th hour, an additional daily fee is charged to the customer. Per overtime is based on the daily rate divided by 5. 3. VEHICLE STATUS RESPONSIBILITY / RE-EXECRATION. (a) At the expiry or expiry of the term of the tenancy The tenant, unless the owner requests otherwise, removes at his own expense all accessories attached by the tenant (if it exists) and provides the vehicle to the owner at the address indicated in the rental agreement, in good condition, in good condition, repair and in good condition (fair wear resulting from the correct use of this quantity), otherwise the tenant is required to reimburse the lessor, upon request, all costs of restoring the vehicle in good condition and in good condition. (g) PARKING FEES – TRAFFIC FINES The tenant is responsible for all parking and traffic summonses for the duration of the rental of the vehicle.