Sofology Credit Agreement

Random images are selected and entered on the voting platform, sofological.sofology.co.uk. There will be an open voting function. You can contact us by phone on 03444 818181 or email us at general.enquiries@sofology.co.uk or our Office, Sofology, Golborne Point, Ashton Road, Golborne, Warrington, WA3 3UL. If you do not accept the above terms, please do not send their content or respond to our request, #yessofology If there is a financing agreement for the full or partial payment of the order, identification and electronic signature must be provided before delivery. We are not able to deliver to an address other than that of the cardholder and/or the address indicated in a funding agreement if the corresponding documents have not been delivered in person to the store. For delivery to an address other than that of the cardholder, all remaining balances must be paid either in cash or with a secure chip and pin. Not all financial service providers support the ability to deliver to a different address than the agreement. This may limit your options when getting a loan. The inspector will say that the couch is in order because it is paid for by the sofology. The personal data provided to us is processed and used in accordance with our privacy policy, which is part of these conditions. Please read this carefully before proceeding. You can find them on our website at www.sofology.co.uk/privacy-policy We can transfer this agreement to another person.

We may transfer our rights and obligations under these conditions to another organization. We will contact you to inform you of our intention to do so. Up to 6 years from delivery, after 6 months and up to 6 years, the solution varies depending on whether the error is reported inside or outside the sofology warranty period. After 6 months, as a customer, it is your responsibility to prove that the goods are defective. We will review this by talking to you by phone, we can ask you to send images and/or videos depending on the problem, we can talk to our suppliers, we can also send a technician to check the goods. Based on our assessment, we would propose either a repair or a replacement, depending on the most appropriate option and the length of time you had the goods. If the product is defective and the repair is the most appropriate option, we would complete a repair. If the reported problem is not a sofa error, z.B. because it was caused by wear or accidental damage, we may still be able to help by offering a paid repair, depending on the amount of damage or wear. If the replacement or repair has failed or if it is not possible to offer a long-term and durable solution, it may be appropriate for Sofology to offer an alternative solution as shown below. Error reported in sofology guarantee time – A full refund, a sum of money to keep it in its current state or a full credit.

Reported error of the sofology warranty period, but within 6 years – A partial repayment, a sum of money to keep it in its current state or a partial credit. When calculating the value of refund or credit, a deduction would be applied to cover the cost of wear, this will be calculated on the basis of the time that the sofa without error.