Community Vibrancy Fund Agreement

To be eligible for assistance, applicants are invited to share project details with JobsOhio for the first check before completing a full application. The Community Vibrancy Fund was developed by the municipality`s agreement with Jericho Wind, LP (Cordelio Power, formerly NextEra). It provides financial support for programs, projects, services or activities that improve the quality of life of residents in the areas of health, arts, culture, recreation, heritage, recreation, education and the environment. The Foundation supports the improvement of public space, main rural roads, parks and public spaces, as well as green spaces that improve the quality of life of all residents. We prioritise projects which make considerable use of other public and private resources and which bring a useful benefit to the Community. Our strategic grant in this area typically supports demonstration projects and pre-construction planning, while our capital grant program supports stationary projects. Each electorate has a total funding of up to 150,000 $US for successful candidacies. A maximum of 20 projects will be funded per constituency. The Stronger Communities Programme is making $150,000 available to each of the 151 federal electors to fund small capital projects.

These projects aim to improve the participation of the local community and contribute to vibrant and viable communities. Members of Parliament identify potential projects and invite their constituents to apply. The Stronger Communities Programme supports the Australian Government`s commitment to bringing social benefits to communities across Australia.