Variazione Al Learning Agreement Unipv

6 BEFORE LEAVING FOR REGISTRATION Erasmus students must register online. Online registration is mandatory for all Erasmus students travelling to Pavia for Erasmus studies. To participate in the Erasmus programme, incoming students must be nominated by their universities, which must submit the following data for first-semester and full-year students by 29 June at the latest and by 30.11.2012 for second-semester students. Member university (Erasmus code) First name First name Date of birth Period of study (1 or 2 semesters or full year field of study (isced code) level (BA, Mais, PhD) Students will then receive an access code necessary to access the registration procedure. cationformfrommenu.do 06 July 2012 (SEMESTER I ALL ACADEMIC YEAR) – 07 December 2012 (II SEMESTER) BEFORE YOU THE HOME APPLICATION FORM Erasmus students must apply online. Online application is mandatory for all Erasmus students arriving in Pavia under an Erasmus agreement. To be able to apply for our Erasmus period at the University of Pavia, students in incoming must be nominated by their home university. Therefore, partner universities must have the following data by 29 June first semester/major or until 30 November second semester students:Home University (Erasmus code) Name name Date of birth Duration of studies (1st or 2nd semester or full year) Field of study (isced code) Level of study (BA, MA, PhD) Students receive an access code required to enter the Incoming Erasmus application form. cationformfrommenu.do DEADLINE 06 July 2012 (I SEMESTER FULL ACADEMIC YEAR) 07 December 2012 (II SEMESTER) ITA ENG 6 8 Maria in Betlem e i locali sono dotati di connessione internet wireless. Le camere sono singole, doppie e triple e sono dotate di bagni in comune. There are also six shared kitchens, a work room and a breakfast room. The meal can be served in a contract restaurant for a price of 5.50. No laundry service is offered, nor is the delivery of dishes and pot.

Cleaning facilities are carried out for the common areas, while the individual rooms are the responsibility of the students, as well as the sheets. Upon acceptance of the position, two months in advance plus one month are to be paid on bail. Monthly rates are 275.00 for single rooms and 230.00 for double/triple rooms. Taxes must be paid monthly to the college economy. The deposit will not be refunded if the student has interrupted the accommodation before the expiry of the deadline. Instead, it is returned the day before departure, if the agreements have been respected and if the Chamber does not present any damage. The duration opens from the end of September to the closing of the summer holidays, with the exception of the closing period of the Christmas and Easter holidays. . . .