Miley Cyrus New Face of Marc Jacob’s 2014 Campaign

  Miley Cyrus New Face of Marc Jacob’s 2014 Campaign With her wispy hair, donning dark and gloomy make up, Miley Cyrus shines out of her recent obnoxiously controversial image into a more mature yet, still, a teenage angst look.  The photograph itself, shot by David Sims, is eerie and morbid.  This preview of Marc Jacob‘s ad campaign was featured in Nylon‘s February issue.  What do you guys thi
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Overall’s are back!

Overalls are back with a vengeance! This past weekend I wore overalls for the first time since I was a kid… And I fell in love!!! They were so comfortable, easy and still fashionable. Designers such as Alexander Wang and Elizabeth & James have added them to their collections. If you’re looking for something a bit more reasonable, stores such as H&M, ZARA and Forever21 have fun styles to pick from
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Icons: Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon is undoubtedly one of the leading photographers of the century. Famous for his minimalism, Avedon’s photographs are often well lit and in front of a white backdrop with no props or other details to distract from the subject. He made fashion exciting and strong, anticipating many of the trends that have occurred between fine art, fashion, advertising and pop culture. Fashion wasn’t his only
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Christian Conti for Mionetto Viama

Studios LIC kicked off the week with another exciting shoot with Christian Conti for US Italian wine importer Mionetto. The shoot was to promote Mionetto’s latest stylish range of Viama “wine bags” that are a perfect marriage of elegance and practicality and glass free – except for your wine glass, of course. Often associated with cheap wine insulting to the pallet, Mionetto have given the Via
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Intimate Photography by Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius’ introduction to the world behind the lens is somewhat of a fairytale. She began uploading her work to Flickr six years ago while working as a fashion model and it is through the success of photoblogging that her stunning intimate shots of herself, her life and the people connected to her were shared on a viral scale. “A lot of the pictures I took while I was modelling were the way I wanted
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Using Adjustment Layers for Retouching

Adjustment layers are essential when taking an image into photoshop to give it that little extra something. But did you know they can be extremely powerful for retouching? When retouching an image professionally, it is important that you edit your photographs until they are flawless. This includes editing problems in the image that may not be visible on your monitor. Thanks to the crazy photoshoppers at photoshopfrea
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Behind the Scenes: Christian Conti SOMA Magazine

Last week, StudiosLIC founder Christian Conti shot an incredible 1960s inspired editorial for fashion culture magazine SOMA. The shoot is to be featured in SOMA’s March 2013 issue. Check out some of the behind the scenes shots here:   Photography by Christian Conti Ph. Assistant : Valentina Freghetti Styling by Regina Chan        
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Flavour of the Week: Eliot Lee Hazel

Eliot Lee Hazel’s surreal dreamlike photographs give a refreshing new experience leaving you mesmerised and craving more. His use of film gives an artful touch to his fashion photography, giving him an interesting and edgy presence that we couldn’t resist sharing. Originally from the UK, Hazel is now based in Los Angeles where he continues to create. We’re looking forward to seeing more of him! Chec
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Not Your Average Softbox

Released in November last year, Profoto’s RFI Softbox range may just be a photographer’s best friend. The RFI line includes several different shapes and sizes and some very useful new features. Swedish photographer Tobias Björkgren put the new softboxes to the test at his Stockholm studio. “The images were shot using just the soft boxes…I wanted to see what the softboxes could do by themselves
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