Tutorial: Skin Retouching Using Photoshop

Great tutorial on Skin Retouching using Photoshop! The process is very simple but makes drastic changes using layering. Thank you, YouTube member Sarakiesling for this great tutorial!
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Tutorial : Customizing Workspace in Capture One

  This short tutorial shows how easy it is to customize your workspace in Capture One. A must watch to increase productivity while using this program.
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Checking Focus in Capture One Pro 7

Checkin focus has never been so easy and efficient! Capture One Pro 7 has several new tools that help you stop wasting time checking focus! Choose the Pick Focus Tool (or press F) then click anywhere on the images,you can move and expand the focus window for a better view. The Loop Tool (P key)  will show the focus directly on the images using a magnifier of different sizes. The Focus Mask will find and highlight the
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Searching and Filtering in Capture One Pro 7

Capture One Pro 7 now offers an improved searching and filtering engine. Learn how to customize your personal filter with stars, colors and keywords with this useful tutorial and never waste time searching for pictures anymore!
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Noise Reduction in Capture One Pro 7

In Capture One Pro 7 each supported camera has its own profile, which has been optimized to minimize the effect of noise without reducing details. Discover with us how the Noise Reduction and the Noise Reduction Advanced tools work to remove color noise and luminance noise preserving all the details!
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